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Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse (AODA)

Our mission is to help individuals break the bond of chemical dependency so that they may reach their greatest potential by creating an environment of trust, focusing on individual strengths, providing education to strengthen life skills, and encouraging independence and self-awareness.


Primary Treatment Programs: Intense education and therapy to help the alcoholic/chemically dependent person better understand the disease as well as learn about themselves and recovery.

Aftercare:  Services for those who have been in treatment. Focus on relapse prevention. Attendance at support groups is an essential part of aftercare.

Recovery: Group therapy to focus on recovery. This group is for individuals who have had previous treatment.

Counseling: Individuals, couples, families or groups.

Inpatient: Coordination and monitoring of inpatient and residential services.

Detoxification: Coordinate and monitor inpatient service used to help individuals detoxify from substances.

Prevention: Provides community education programs to help change community and social conditions that influence individuals to develop alcohol and drug abuse problems.

Emergency Care: Immediate assistance is available 24 hours a day for all emergencies. Call (888) 552-6642 any time during the day or night.

Intervention: A service available to family members, friends and concerned others to assist them in the development of services for those who may be unable to plan for themselves.

Information and Referral: Provides information about use and abuse of alcohol and drugs.  Referrals to inpatient treatment, group homes or other agencies after an evaluation and assessment.

Intoxicated Driver Assessments: Provided to OWI offenders convicted by Circuit or Municipal Courts and used as the basis for a driver safety plan.

Do you know…pregnant women seeking substance use treatment services are first in line for admission and, if there is a waiting list, you can receive services while you wait.

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Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (AODA) Treatment Programs

The Teen Intervene Toolkit is a resource for schools that provides an overview of the program, explains the referral process, and  the provides  information that schools can use to work with parents.                                         Teen Intervene Toolkit

The Teen Intervene video provides an overview of the program and explains the referral process to access the program.